The Psych Handbook

A handbook with 150+ psychological biases and insights, gathered from over 2 years of writing the newsletter 'Psych'.
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"The authors have done a great job of explaining complex ideas in a clear and concise manner. The use of real-life examples and case studies throughout the book helps to bring the concepts to life and make them more relatable. The Psychology Handbook is also well-referenced, with a wealth of resources for further reading.

This makes it an excellent tool for those looking to delve deeper into specific areas of psychology. Overall, I highly recommend The Psychology Handbook to anyone interested in psychology."

- Review from a Reader
The Handbook is an introductory compilation of psychological biases related to human nature, behavior economics, social psychology and an overview of psychology in humans.

Not only it will help to understand learn "why people do what they do", but it also explains certain aspects of human nature through the biases we tend to show in our daily lifestyle.

The practical takeaways with each bias can be insightful to implement in your personal as well as professional front of life. A perfect introduction to psychology for you.

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • How to use this Book?
  • What is a Bias?
  • Series of pages covering 150+ Biases
  • Acknowledgement
  • Index
  • References
Psychological Biases and Insights

Read a Sample Chapter

This sample highlights the book format, definition of a 'Bias' in Psychology and introduces the first few prominent 'Biases' with example and associated takeaways.