The Attachment Style Test

This test consists of 15 simple questions designed to provide you with a glimpse into your attachment style. Understanding your attachment style can offer profound insights into your emotional patterns, the way you interact with others, and your overall relationship dynamics.

DISCLAIMER: This test is only for educational and fun purposes! Please answer the following questions as honestly as possible.

When I'm in a relationship, I find it easy to trust my partner.

I get uncomfortable when my partner wants to spend time with their friends instead of me.

I find it easy to open up and share my feelings with my partner.

I'm worried that my partner will leave me for someone else.

I prefer to have some distance in my relationship; I need my space.

I often need reassurance from my partner that they love me.

I feel uncomfortable when my partner gets too close or wants to merge our lives together.

I don't worry too much about my relationships; things usually work out.

I'm uncomfortable being alone, and I often feel the need to be in a relationship.

I'm not afraid to express my needs and set boundaries in my relationships.

When my partner is upset, I find it challenging to comfort them.

I like my relationships to be intense and all-consuming.

I often avoid conflicts in my relationships to keep the peace.

I don't need a committed relationship; I'm fine with casual dating.

I'm worried that my partner doesn't really love me, even if they say they do.